About Gabrielle

Gabrielle Hopp completed her Bachelor’s degree in music therapy from the University of Evansville and her Master’s degree in musicology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Gabrielle began studying yoga in 2003 and completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training in Prague, Czech Republic in 2010. Since then, she has trained extensively with master teachers throughout the United States including Theresa Murphy, Tias and Surya Little, Nicholai Bachman and Linda Spackman of Prajna Yoga, Christina Sell, Noah Maze, Rod Stryker, Ben Vincent and Amy Matthews.

Gabrielle has studied yoga therapy with A.G., Indra, and Ganesh Mohan in Chennai, India. The Mohan's were students of Krishnamacharya and developed their yoga therapy program based on his direct teachings. She's completed 4 out of 7 modules of their 500-hour program, with special emphasis on musculoskelatal issues, degenerative diseases and breathing disorders. 

Gabrielle has been teaching yoga since 2010. She teaches many styles including Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Basics, Restorative and Yoga Therapy. She also regularly leads kirtan, a call-and-response chanting practice, in the realm of devotional yoga. Throughout the years she has taught yoga at Prague Yoga in the Czech Republic, at Nokomis Yoga and Core Pilates in Minneapolis, MN, and at SoCo Yoga in Austin, TX with fellow Prajna yogi Jyl Kutsche. In Austin, she also taught yoga therapy to people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Beginning in 2014, Gabrielle made her way back to Omaha, NE to teach with the One Tree Yoga team. She currently co-leads the 200-hour teacher training program, manages the East studio and teaches public classes. Gabrielle completed her 500-hour certification with Prajna Yoga in Santa Fe, NM in October 2017. 

Gabrielle’s philosophy is that yoga is a life practice. One should view yoga practice with a broad holistic scope to include meditation, prayer, chanting and singing, compassion in action, and breathing, as well as physical postures. Through a practice of yoga, we have the opportunity to discover our true nature and our purpose for being here (dharma). 

She is a Nebraska native, and currently makes her home in Ashland, NE with her husband Lucas, her baby son Ralph and their 3-legged cat Moose. In her free time, she likes to garden, sell vintage clothing, sing songs and hike in the woods.

Gabrielle teaches regular classes and workshops at One Tree Yoga which she co-owns with Alison Tigges. The two fo them run the teacher training program as well. Visit onetreeyoga.com for more details.